Why Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is a leading global brokerage firm specializing in energy derivatives and financing. With offices in London, New York and Houston we are able to leverage our global industry contacts and energy expertise to source the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Utilizing CME and ICE clearing technology, Cornerstone offers clients many of the benefits of over-the-counter (OTC) trading without the need to negotiate separate ISDAs with each counterparty. Our clients enjoy greater liquidity, faster order fills and we are not conflicted by market-making activity or proprietary position taking.

As an arranging or introducing broker, Cornerstone’s function is to act as agent for our clients’ interests to source the the best possible price for them in the marketplace. And since our clients’ trades are cleared, counterparty risk is virtually eliminated and both parties to the trade enjoy full anonymity.

As a financing broker, Cornerstone is able to identify, structure and source non-bank financing solutions using innovative approaches to achieve rapid and tailored results for commodity industry participants to take full advantage of commodity market conditions.

Drawing on our Principals’ combined 96 years of energy market experience and thousands of energy contacts we are able to source liquidity at the best possible pricing in hundreds of exchange cleared commodities. Cornerstone also offers consultative hedging solutions for corporate clients wanting to create hedging programs, identify risks and monetize trading opportunities arising from enterprise risks.

For further information about Cornerstone, please contact us at:


4203 Montrose Boulevard, Suite 670 Houston, TX 77006


20 Pond Square
London N6 6BA

New York

2 Park Avenue, Suite 304
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